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The Sims 4 Review: What Is There To Know About Discover University Mod

Here is the Sims 4 review that we all were looking for. We gathered everything you wanted to know about careers, university degrees, tips and secrets in one place. And if you want to become a successful university student, receive brilliant education and, on top of it, have a whale of a time for yourself, you have to read the guidance.

Sims 4 Game

All Packs in the Sims 4 Mod

Discover University has one main point: the Sims University Degrees. It is a lately released 2019 pack of the popular games Sims. After the installation of the new game, you receive the Sims 4 university mod and can enroll your Sim in the university. The game offers to search for part-time work in order to pay rent while you are studying, practicing new skills that may be helpful in later career.

There are various careers and degrees available for you. You can check which career is best for your Sim. Here we gathered helpful information on how to get a degree and become successful in your profession.

The Sims 4 Discover University: Degrees, Careers, and Other Menaces

Discover University is one of the most successful and popular The Sims 4 mods this year. It welcomes us in the Britechester, the newly created world in Sims Universe. Britechester is a college town, a place where two high educational centers peacefully coexist. Both of them have their own history, traditions, specializations. And you can pick the one that suits your Sim more.

Meet Britechester University, the best place to learn humanities and arts. If you are a creative person, don’t waste your time, you have found your university. If you prefer science and technologies to anything else, enroll in Foxbury Institute. It is a prestigious place for all future Noble prize winners and smart pants like you. Get Sims 4 free download game on your PC and check it yourself.

By far and away, there are 13 degrees in each education establishment. So, you will have the possibility to choose what you love the most or just ask your Sim. Before you do that, take into consideration that despite the 13 optional subjects available for study, these places have specializations of their own, which are art and science. So, there will be a difference in degree quality.

Distinguished degrees can be received by learning the subjects that correlate with direct specializations of each institution. This degree definitely gives your Sim an advantage. Still, don’t worry, all the university degrees in The Sims 4 PlayStation 4 and other console and PC versions will bring your Sim benefits in later careers. If you want your Sim to have a distinguished degree, you have to know that there are really high requirements for the entry. No one can guarantee that you will be accepted there. Welcome to real life!

There are 3 organizations in each institution open for students. Every organization has its own specific benefits for students. After joining one of them, you will have to attend their events and receive bonuses for classes associated with them. All of these organizations provide you with the development of skills, new social interactions, skill-building objects and various items of décor and clothes.

List of Distinguished and University Degrees

We gathered here all the degrees you may receive playing The Sims 4 download it on Mac, Windows, PS4 or other platform version. We separated institutions into themed blocks for your convenience. Pay attention to distinguished degrees.

Britechester University specializing in liberal arts

  • Diplomas with distinction: History of arts, Communications, Theater, Cookery art, History, Visual arts, Linguistics, and Creative Writing.
  • Common diplomas: Informatics, Natural sciences, Economy, Vileness, Psych.
  • Clubs of interests: The Discussion Guild, Art Society, Spirit Corps of Britechester.
  • Main themes: Debate Guild – skills in research and debate, Spirit Corps – sports team and school pride, Art Society – creative skills.

Foxbury Institute specializing in science

  • Diplomas with distinction: Economics, Biology, Villainy, Informatics, Psych, Natural sciences.
  • Common diplomas: Theater, Historical science, Visual science, History of arts, Culinary Arts, Communications, Linguistics and Creative Writing.
  • Clubs: Bot Savants, The Brainiacs, Foxbuty Spirit Squad.
  • Main themes: Bot Savants – skills in robotics, Spirit Squad – skills in sports and school pride; Brainiacs – mental skills.

Applying In The University

No money cheats for The Sims 4 will help you with the application and enrolling in the university. For creating an application, all you have to do is click on the Sim’s computer and select the University option. Now pick Apply to Universities. The application of your Sim will be sent and considered by both institutions, according to their knowledge of specific subjects.

You are going to wait for about two days in the game. Just make yourself busy with something. After that time the letter from the university will arrive. There will be a notification on the degrees that you have been accepted for and the name of the university. So, check your mailbox. If your Sim is more modern than that, you can check the application status on the computer, where you will find the early updates.

After you receive the acceptance news, you can enroll in the institution. Use standard mailbox, call on the phone or send an email from a computer. It does not actually matter as long as you remember to do this.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Degree

The main and really important step in The Sims 4 review, and in your Sims games is to choose the degree you want to receive. You are going to learn this profession and later will have to get a job according to your qualification. It is very possible that you already know which way to choose. Some of you follow their aspiration, others want to tell a specific story and plans for Sim.

Although, there is a chance that you won’t know what to do and, consequently, will get stuck. In this case, you may turn your attention to the skills that your Sims are good at. Don’t forget that Sims was made as a simulator of life, it can be your life and your dreams. Think about the profession you always wanted. 

Here is another list of main skills and future careers that each degree provides. Check them all. Find out what you really desire for your Sim:

  • History of arts provides you with several skills: painting, writing, charisma. You can become a painter in Patron of the Arts or style influencer in Trend Setter. In City Living pack, you can choose the Critic profession.
  • Communicative science degree opens skills like logic, writing, and charisma. You may become a businessman in a Management branch or writer and journalist. City Living pack opens the doors to Social Media for you.
  • Natural science offers such skills as gardening, logic, and fitness. In the basic pack, you can become an athlete only. But in City Living, your options are diverse: gardener, doctor or conservationist/marine biologist.
  • Cookery art degree is all about cooking skills. You can become either chef in a basic pack of the Sims 4 play game for sure.
  • Informatics offers robotics and programming skills. After all, you can be a computer engineer or criminal, freelancer, and tech guru. The choice is yours.
  • Economy gives you logic, charisma and research and debate skills. Join the Administrator branch in the education area or start your business. In City Living, you can opt for the conservationist.
  • Theater provides two skills: comedy and charisma. It guarantees you a job as an entertainer or comedian in a basic pack. City Living extends your possibilities to actor or internet personality.
  • Historical science offers logic, research and debate, and charisma skills. You can enter the law professions for you. City Living gives you politicians and military professions. There are not history-related professions for now.
  • Visual arts include photography, painting, and violin skills. You can become a digital artist freelance, entertainer, painter or style influencer in basic pack. City Living offers the job of fashion freelancer and gardener.
  • Linguistics and Creative writing provide writing, charisma and research and debate skills. You can become a private attorney after that, a freelance writer r or an author of your own books.
  • Psych diploma guarantees research and debate, logic and charisma skills. With this degree, you may become a professor or a secret agent. City Living pack offers a covert operator or a detective job. Still no psychologist for now.
  • Degree in physics offers skills in robotics, handiness, and rocket science. There is an engineer profession available for you, as well as an astronaut in the basic game. You can become a scientist in City Living.
  • Criminology concentrates on mischief, fitness and logic skills. Become an interstellar smuggler, criminal boss or secret agent right after the graduation.

Other Benefits of Chosen Careers

As you may have already noticed, some of the career branches in the base pack do not actually have an associated degree. There are three of them. If can download Sims 4 for free and check, here they are:

  • Culinary in the mixologist branch;
  • Athlete in professional athlete branch;
  • Tech Guru in the eSports gamer branch.

Even if you want to follow these careers and progress in them, you still have to enroll in the university. You will need to take part in Sims Free eSports competition activities and become a player of the soccer team if you want to be an athlete or an eSports gamer. There are no degrees, but you still have to develop appropriate skills for these careers.

Your character will have to be enrolled in studying any degree of your choice. But you can opt for Searching for Job features, as After School Activity. They will become part-time jobs, still unpaid.

As for mixologists, there are fewer options to consider. Mixology does not require academic pursuit. It is weird, but it is what it is. Sims 4 still asks for a full-time vocation for mixologists. So, if you want to become a bartender, you don’t even have to learn, unlike those who plan to become criminals.

The Benefits of a University Degree 

In real life, our University Degree may not always be on-demand. But the Sims world is more idyllic. And a degree means that you can build a career in the chosen area. It guarantees higher payment, more days of vacation, a better attitude and easier promotions. There is a signing, bonus as well.

After graduation, you can choose the branch you will progress in. Usually, it is one of the branches related to your degree. You are able to master your skills and raise your status up to the top. After the University, you can go straight to 5-8 levels at your branch. However, this number may differ based on the degree and skills, your university and achievements.

You will not receive benefits in a career with the next alternative achievements:

  • Performing part-time jobs from the basic pack, like Barista, Babysitter, Manual Laborer, Employee in Fast Food, Retail Employee. In Island Living pack, you face the same situation with Lifeguard, Driver and a Fisherman;
  • If you operate your own business, including Cats and Dogs veterinary clinic, Get to Work retail store, Dine Out restaurant owner;
  • Self-employed registered Sims who sell painting or harvest plants;
  • Sims who work via the Odd Jobs option.

After graduation, you can pursue an occupation. Still, there will be no bonuses mentioned above. However, you can gain even more friends while changing the area of your interests.



There are more benefits from receiving distinguished degrees which we have already mentioned in The Sims 4 review. Get Sims 4 game and check all the benefits. However, it does not mean that you have to be upset with a simple University Degree. The regular degree is still a privilege. Both universities are an amazing way to have fun and study. Both of them provide you with the knowledge and help you to achieve great results in the future. So, don’t get upset if your creative mind will get into Computer Science. Just think of what a loss it would be for Gryffindor and Hogwarts in general if Hermione Granger was accepted into Ravenclaw, the heaven on earth for all smart pants! The chances to be accepted with a regular degree invitation are certain.

Any degree gives you an advantage over the others. It is a perfect head start for your future career, don’t forget about it. You may still struggle with searching and fitting in a students’ society, but you can always join the general society. Now, go and sign in as your University Sim student, and don’t forget to share your impressions in the comments below.


  • problems with glitch windows
  • poor sound effects


  • interesting gameplay
  • enjoyable co-op
  • character customization





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