Exploring the new Deaths in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Triggering this death was quite a painful experience…at least for my Sim. Snowy Escape introduces different types of Vending Machines to the game that can often work against your odds and eat up all of your hard-earned Simoleons. If your Sim is lucky they’ll be purchasing an item of their choice without any issues. However, the Vending Machine sometimes likes to play a game of odds and not giving you an item that you’ve ordered because the item’s been stuck.

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In that scenario you’ll have to select the Vending Machine and select the “Shake” interaction to try and knock down the item you’ve ordered. Best case scenario? They’ll get slam right into the Vending Machine and get their object back.

Not the best but not the worst case scenario? They’ll get on top of the Vending Machine thinking they’ll be able to get the item they want in a more agressive way. In that case the Vending Machine will crush them, they’ll eventually get back up and have to try again.

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